Instant Pot Jook (Rice Porridge)

Today in Wisconsin it was 13 degrees and it felt colder waiting for my son’s school bus. So I thought okay…he is going to need something warm to eat…also my twin’s were under the weather so it was perfect for Jook.

I grew up on Jook…my mom and grandmother would make it whenever it was cold out or whenever one of us felt sick…they would cook it on the stove for hours.  They used to put a whole chicken in there and have cloves of garlic which I learned to love as I got older…

Now when I learned that I can make Jook in the instant Pot for a lot less time…I was happy that I can share what my mom and grandmother used to make with my family.

So today my boys had some yummy Jook with chicken thighs in it…they have had it before but this time I made some changes to make it even more yummy.

Instant Pot Jook (Rice Porridge)

Comfort food on a cold day or if you are not feeling well

  • 2 cups short grain white rice
  • 6 cups bone broth/water I used a mix
  • 2 teaspoons garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  1. Wash the rice several times until water is pretty clear

  2. Add 6 cups of broth/water, garlic and salt

  3. Close lid, turn valve to seal and press Porridge and Adjust until it says more (30 minutes) and then natural pressure release for 10 minutes

Recipe Notes

I used 4 cups of bone broth and 2 cups of water but you can use all bone broth or all water.

Also you can increase your liquid amount to how your family likes it...6 I think is great but if you want it more watery then add another cup or if you like it thicker like oatmeal then a cup less.

I would have used whole cloves because it gets nice and soft and tastes good but I knew my boys wouldn't eat it so I used minced