Instant Pot soft-boiled eggs


Our family loves eggs, specifically all 3 of my boys and myself.  We go through eggs pretty quickly…24 eggs from Costco can last us 2 weeks if we ate it consistently.

One of the first foods I made in the Instant Pot was hard boiled eggs and wow I was very surprised by how well it turned out in a short amount of time so after that I started experimenting with different methods and what we liked.

Today I wanted soft boiled eggs…I love it when it is runny! And so as you can see in the picture I was able to achieve that…my boys however are not a fan of runny eggs but I don’t blame them…they are toddlers after all…they are used to hard boiled or almost hard boiled…so what did I do…not much as you can see in the recipe below.


BTW…I do use a steamer basket and I love this Premium Vegetable Steamer.

Instant Pot eggs

Here is my take on making soft boiled eggs but also making it so its not as soft as well.

  • 12 eggs
  1. 1. Add a cup of water into the pot and then your steamer basket

    2. Put your 12 eggs on your steamer basket

    3. Close the lid and turn your valve to seal

    4. Press manual and adjust time for 2 minutes

    5. Once the 2 minutes is done do a quick release of the pressure

    6. Open the lid and take out inner pot...fill your pot with cold water and once the water warms up, empty and refill again until the water no longer gets warm...I had to do this 3-4 times

    If you want runny eggs, take out the eggs you want to eat right away with runny eggs...for the rest, dry the egg shells and place them in a container or bowl and place them in the fridge.

Recipe Notes

These eggs will last a week in the fridge so enjoy them however you like...I like to add sriracha sauce to mine if I want spicy or put pesto on mine if I want something a little salty.